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Books on the Violin etc.   (updated June 2024) BOOK SALE

How to order: just note the author/title and send me an e-mail together with your contact details.
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Some highlights - more details of all books in the A_Z links

(Amati) :  Andrea Zanrè (Ed.) The Girolamo Amati Viola - Galleria Estense 
Large format  colour ill. & DVD .£110 

Apian-Bennewitz, Paul Otto. Die Geige £60 SALE £50

Baese, Geary L.: Classic Italian Violin Varnish Its History, Materials, Preparation, and Application
1985, VG £250

Baruzzi, Arnaldo - Hill, Desmond (transl.). La Casa Nuziale - The Home of Stradivari 1667 - 1680. London: W.E. Hill & Sons, 1962. First Edition.Full leather bound (private binding). Excellent condition.  £60

Beare, Charles (Carlson, Bruce): Stradivari  the Cremona Exhibition of 1987 de luxe leather £950SALE £795

Bein & Fushi (Doring, Ernest): HOW MANY STRADS? Our Heritage from the Master.
The Deluxe Edition signed. 
Was £325 SALE £275

Bonetti, Carlo and Daniel Draley : A Genealogy of the Amati Family of Violin Makers 1500-1740
The Maecenas Press,1989. Library edition £250 SALE £220

Bonetti, Carlo and Daniel Draley : A Genealogy of the Amati Family of Violin Makers 1500-1740
The Maecenas Press,1989, Very rare. limited edition, dark leather only 120 copies. £450 SALE £420

Brückner,Daniel : L'or des archets - The golden bow - Solistenbögen von 1790 bis heute
A picture book of soloists bows . £50

(Catalogue) L'esposizione di Liuteria Antica a Cremona nel 1937 £50 £45

(Catalogue) Mostra di Antonio Stradivari. Palazzo Borromeo. Isola Bella. 1963 £35 £30

(Catalogue) Stradivari e la Liutera Cremonese dall'U.R.S.S. Cremona £25 £20

(Catalogue) : And they made violins in Cremona from Rennaisance to Romantic Era £60

Doring, Ernest: The Guadagnini Family of Violin Makers Chicago, Illinois: William Lewis & Son, 1949.  £220 £200

(Dutch School) 400 years of violin making in the Netherlands  £100

(Dutch School) Balfoort,Dirk J.: De Hollandsche Vioolmakers (Dutch Violin Makers )  £110

Dvorák , Antonín 100. 1841-1941. Prague An anniversary publication: £40

Ealing Strings: The Eternal Influence of Antonio Stradivari  1987 #17 of the deluxe limited edition of 100. Sold

Gheroldi / Colombo: Varnishes and very curious secrets: Cremona, 1747 £30

Giordano, Alberto: Cesare Candi liutista i liutai della famiglia Candi Cremona 2003, 173pp. HB,  text in Italian and English, numerous photos. A superb book on this violin maker from Genua.Was £70 SALE £60

Hamma,  Italian Violin Makers 1971 HB leather Sold

Henley, William. Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers, Vol. 1 - 5, 1959, leather bound in one volume. £220
Standard edition £120

Jaeger, Emmanuel: Venetian Instruments. Les Violons. Paintings and Drawings Hotel de Ville de Paris, France, 1995 HB, £80

Jalovec, Karel : Encyclopedia of Violin-Makers 2 Vol., 1986 £125 SALE £100

Jalovec, Karel :  Houslari Italie - Italian Violin Makers 1948  A very rare first edition, 20 issues  £150 SALE £100

Lebet, Claude :  Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers  Vol 3, 1985  Was £120 SALE £100

Lütgendorff : Die Geigen und Lautenmacher vom Mittelalter bis Zur Gegenwart 1975 2 Vols.  £120

Magrini, Cesare: Augusto e Gaetano Pollastri - Liutai in Bologna 1877-1960 - Violin Makers in Bologna 1877-1960 Cremona , 1990, hardback, dj, as new, 85pp, text in Italian, English and German.numerous photos - an important work on the Pollastri Italian violin makers..£90  SALE £  £75

Millant, Roger: J. B. Vuillaume: Sa Vie et Son Ouvre by (His Life and Work) De Luxe Was £325 SALE £275

Gio Batta Morassi many colour illustrations 111pp   Was £50 SALE £40

Mosconi, Witten: Capolavori di Andrea Amati, Cremona £25

Pilar Vladimir. & Sramek, F.  Umeni Houslaru - The Art of (Czech-) Violin-Makers  £180 SALE £150

Roda, Joseph: Bows for Musical Instruments of the Violin Family, deluxe fully leather bound, slipcase 1959
Was £600 SALE £550

Scrollavezza, Renato and the Parma school, many ill. New 95 pp. £40 

(Stradivari)  Dilworth, John: 3 Monographs on Antonio Stradivari:
The ''Archinto'' Cello 1689 ,  ''La Pucelle'' Violin 1709, ''Tyrrell '' Violin 1717 
£140 SALE £120

Dilworth, John: Monographs on Antonio Stradivari: The ''Archinto'' Cello 1689 £45

Toffolo, Stefano: Strumenti musicali a Venezia nella storia e nell'arte dal XIV al XVIII secolo £40SALE £30

Wit, Paul De : Geigenzettel Alter Meister (Violin Labels of the Old Masters) 2 Volumes in one £120

Altmann, Frank   Kurzgefaßtes Tonkünstler-Lexikon. 2 Teile in 3 Bänden.
Hard to find standard work, in German,   £100 SALE £80

Blume, F. (Ed.)  Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. hardback, leather (16 vols) £300 SALE £220

Confalonieri  Giulio. Storia della musica, 2 Vols. £50

Riemann Musik Lexikon 5 Vol. £60



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