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Baroque style Viola inspired by G.B. Grancino, Milano

A baroque viola, inspired by the Grancino family, Milano. I have made this model several times before as a modern viola.
A recent client's request for a baroque style viola around 16'' - 406mm, made me decide for this model. The general proportions are wide without hindering its playability. I also make this loosely inspired model on a 'skeleton' mould, which allows me to alter the bout widths, as well as the body length and stop length for different sizes.

The maple back (my favourite Viola sycamore tree from 1994) is a 2 piece, cut on the 'half-slab' showing some broad and 'wilder' figure - quite common to see with Milanese instruments. The hand split spruce front from the Italian Dolomites, showing some nice hazel markings to add interest.
The transparent oil varnish lightly shaded and of a golden, orange - red colour.SOLD

Photos of the making process can be see here.


 This Viola is now finished and sold (photos of the making process are here )
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