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A book collector is interested in the first edition,
but an author is more interested in the tenth.

-- Anonymous

Books on the Violin etc.   (updated March 2017)

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As an avid collector of violin books for over 30 years I have spares, doubles etc. for sale.
Many of these titles will be used and out of print for quite some time. Please enquire about availability as some items might be sold before the page has been updated.
You may phone, write or e-mail to reserve titles and they will be held for you for 1 week. 
Prices quoted are excluding postage/insurance, but a quote will be happily given.

Payment:  £ Sterling Cheques drawn on a UK bank, or £ Sterling Bank transfers to the UK.
Euro transfer to German account welcome. (Paypal only as a last resort).
Photos (jpgs) can be emailed on request.

How to order: just note the author/title and send me an e-mail together with your contact details.
 I will let you know availability and postage by return.

Contact:        [email protected]

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New  The very informative and collectable    
Albert Cooper collection  

The leather bound de luxe edition:  £250

Cooper, Albert. The Cooper Collection - Volume 1 & 2. Surrey: Ashford Publications
Rare Violins, Violas, Celli, Bows, of Italian, French & English origin;  Surrey: Ashford Publications, 1996 & 1998. Both Volumes have over 250 pages each, over 500  colour photographs by David Cousins. Size 210 x 300mm,
leather bound, dust jackets, in slipcases. O
ut of print.
Volume 1 contains 30 fine Italian instruments plus 40 French and English bows, all of which are illustrated with over 250 colour photographs.
Volume 2 contains 31 fine English, French and Italian instruments plus 65 English bows which are illustrated with over 350 colour photographs.
Nine aspects of each instrument and two of each bow are shown with measurements. Where relevant, details are included in the text accompanying each subject with translations into German, French, Italian and Japanese. 

 £250 for both volumes, with slipcases- only a few sets left

Cooper, Albert. The Cooper Collection
Volume  2 only, standart edition £40

Cooper, Albert: Benjamin Banks - the Salisbury Violinmaker 1727 - 1795  £20

Special offer:
Cooper collection Vol.2 and B.Banks book:

violin books photos

Some recent titles- more details on the A-Z pages.

Guarneri Del Gesu, Panette, 1737 (Monograph by Chiesa, Barthel, Capucon) with 2 DVDS £140

Retford, William C. Bows and Bow Makers. London. The Strad, 1964, HB £90

Harvey, Brian The Violin Family and its Makers in the British Isles : An Illustrated History and Directory £80

Millant, Roger (Andrew Hill, Transl.). J. B. Vuillaume - Sa Vie et Son Euvre, de luxe, leather £180

Doring, Ernest N. The Guadagnini Family of Violin Makers. 1949 £270

The Retford Centenary Exhibition (bows) £40

The Retford Centenary Exhibition, de luxe leather bd. in slipcase (bows) £120

Möller, Max.  The Violin-Makers of the Low Countries
Max Möller N.V., Amsterdam, 1955,  many fullsize b/w photoplates of Dutch instruments;  very good. £325

Pilar Vladimir. & Sramek, F.  Umeni Houslaru - The Art of (Czech-) Violin-Makers  £180

Hill, W.E. The Violin - Makers of the Guarneri Family  1931, 1.ed. qt.leather  £425

Gordon, Herman 36 Famous Italian Violins, New York 1982, A boxed set of 36 prints from color photos.
VG  with original box. The prints measure 280mm x 200mm and are mounted on card stock 380 x 305mm. containing a printed frame and a printed caption. Includes 15 Strads, 5 Guarneris and one each of other famous Italian makers,
violins of artists like Kreisler,  Stern, Erika Morini & Paganini. £120

Tolbecque, Auguste. L'Art Du Luthier. Niort: Fort - Foucault, 1903 £350

Rattray, David. Masterpieces of Italian Violinmaking (1620 - 1850) £50

Hopfner, Rudolf. Franz Geissenhof und seine Zeit £40

Hellwig, Günther. Joachim Tielke.Ein Hamburger Lauten- und Violenmacher,1980. £80

Jalovec, Karel. Italian Violin Makers  £50

Jalovec, Karel . Böhmische Geigenbauer £100

Edler, Hans. F-Modelle Alter Meistergeigen £40

Leonhardt, Konrad. Geigenbau und Klangfarbe £30

Möckel, Otto. Kunst Des Geigenbaues 1967 £50

Apian-Bennewitz, Paul Otto. Die Geige £60

Sotheby's. Musical Instruments. Lady Blunt violin auction 14. November 1985 £40

Saint-George, Henry. The Bow, Its History, Manufacture and Use £40

Szigeti, Joseph: Szigeti on the Violin. Cassell & Co. London 1969, 10+ 234 pp.; many music ex. throughout the text; book is VG - even though its ex library, withdrawn stamp, dj price clipped £20

Rivarde, Achille . The Violin and Its Technique £20

Spohr, Louis. Spohr's Violin School, revised and edited 1878 £40

Riemann Musik Lexikon 5 Vol. £60

Blume, F. (Ed.)  Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. hardback, leather (16 vols) £200

Altmann, Frank   Kurzgefaßtes Tonkünstler-Lexikon. 2 Teile in 3 Bänden.
Hard to find standard work, in German,   £100

Confalonieri  Giulio. Storia della musica, 2 Vols. £50

Riley, Maurice W. The History of the Viola. volume 1 & 2. Sold

Le Canu: Les Luthiers Francais, Tome 1, Vol.1 Sold

Le Canu: Les Luthiers Français Les Archetiers Contemporains, Tome 4, Vol. 4. Sold

Roda, Joseph. Bows for Musical Instruments Sold

Vatelot. Les Archets francais 2 Volumes, 1. edition 1976 Sold

New H.Goodkind. Violin Iconography of Antonio Stradivari 1972 VG.
Treatises on the life and work of the "Patriarch" of violin makers. Inventory of 700 known or recorded Stradivari string
instruments. Index of 3,500 names of past or present Stradivari owners.
Photographs of 400 Stradivari instruments with 1,500 views.  Sold

Coates, Kevin. Geometry, Proportion and the Art of Lutherie. 1986 Sold

De Wit, Paul. Geigenzettel Alter Meister Vol 1 & 2, 1976  Sold

Henley, William. Universal Dictionary of Violin & Bow Makers, Vol. 1 - 5. DE LUXE Sold

Baese, Geary: Classic Italian Violin Varnish. Its History, Materials, Preparation and Application Sold



Other  titles  not listed on A-Z pages yet - please enquire if you need more info etc.

Auerbach: An Eye for Music (ltd. ed.) £40

Berri: Paganini 1962  £20

Brancour: Histoire des instruments  £10

British Violin Exh. Catalogue 1998 £5

Broadhouse: Violin, how to... (Reeves)  £10

Constant: Les Facteurs d'instruments de musique,
1976 Minkoff  £30

De Pontecoulant: Organographie. Essai sur la Facture
Instrumentale, Amsterdam, 2 Vol. 1972 reprint  £50

Dolmetsch: Interpretation of the Music of the
17th. & 18th. Centuries £10

Fairfield: Known Violin Makers 1942, 1st.  £25

Farrell: True Tone Violin, 1921  £30

Geiringer: Musical Instruments 1943  £5

Giltay: Bow Instruments (Reeves) £10

Haweis: Old Violins(Reeves DJ) £20

Hepworth: Information for Players (Reeves)  £10

Hinrichsen (Ed.): Music, Libraries
& Instruments 1961  £25

Hipkins-Gibb: Musical Instruments 1945  £60

Kenneson: A Cellist's Guide 1974  £20

Malusi: Il Violoncello  £25

Les Violons: Venetian Exhibition Catalogue
(Engl. & French) softback  £50

Nicolini: School of Cremona £25

Petherick: Stradivari 1900  £15

Rushworth & Dreaper: Catalogue violins etc. (ca. 1925 74pp) £25

Schlesinger: Instruments of the modern orchestra (Reeves 1969) £25

Stainer: Dictionary of Violin Makers £5

Tumminello: Il Liutaio  £20

Valborg: Dounis Principles Of Violin Playing 1963  £30

Wasielewski: The Violoncello 1884 £50

Wurlitzer, Catalogue: Rare Violins ca. 1934  £25

Books are described as fair as possible - minor faults may not be always mentioned - however the overall condition is reflected in the price.  With dust jacket - dj - only  when mentioned in description.
Many of the books on offer are scarce and hard to find - please ask for the titles you are interested in and they can be reserved for you.

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